What is B.E.S.T?

The Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (abr. BEST) restores your recuperative powers so your body can heal itself from the inside-out without drugs, surgery, or any dangerous side-effects.

BEST is an effective healing modality from the fields of neurophysiology, chiropractic, the new cell biology, and quantum physics.


We treat the WHOLE PERSON; body, mind, and spirit. When harmful subconsciously stored memory patterns are cleared from your system, healing occurs naturally.


Discover and remove the CAUSE of your chronic physical problems.


Overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, and phobias.


Restore conscious & subconscious congruence to activate the Law of Attraction.


Our wellness system works synergistically with all other forms of healthcare.



       Dr. MT Morter the founder of Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T)

       gives an overview of the technique:


Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), is a pain-free, safe, non-forceful neurological and energy balancing technique that treats the WHOLE person; spirit, soul, and body.

With BEST, we can address the ROOT CAUSE of your health issue rather than attempting to manage symptoms.

In fact, by using MUSCLE TESTING and going through a comprehensive flowchart, I can identify and tell you what the cause of your core problem is and together we can remove the REASON you're manifesting it.

Since the body is a SELF-HEALING MECHANISM, when we remove what is interfering with your recuperative powers, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing will occur; your body will begin healing its most important health priority first.



Expect prompt physical & internal improvements

Once we neutralize harmful memory patterns and clear the information pathways of the interference that blocks communication between your brain and the organs and extremities of your body, you'll feel profoundly different!


We'll see immediate structural and postural improvements; SPINAL SYMMETRY is restored, we'll see the elimination of magnetic segmentation (caused by stressful experiences that result in one side of your body functioning differently than the other), increased mobility, even leg lengths, reduced spasticity (legs that lock at the hip), symmetrical skeletal structure, balanced muscles, and better circulation.

Restoring spinal symmetry retimes internal communication which boosts nervous system function, organ, muscular, glandular/hormonal control, and enhances the immune system so your body can begin to heal itself from the inside-out. Restored vitality is the end-result.



Some additional benefits of our BEST treatments are:
--Reduced joint pain, inflammation, edema, and swelling
--Fewer headaches and body aches
--A more positive outlook in life
--Increased mental clarity and creativity
--More energy throughout the day
--Getting a better night's sleep
--Being able to sleep on your back or side again
--Waking up rested and refreshed
--Healing quicker

The BEST technique uses no force whatsoever; the PHYSICAL improvements we get are actually the result of neuro-emotional healing that liberates the body's recuperative powers. The neuro-emotional issues are spiritual and emotional things we get STUCK on -- issues related to fear (like anger, anxiety, guilt, and depression). We may not even be aware that the THOUGHTS we choose can generate FEELINGS, and then EMOTION that create physical problems.

The reality is, most health-related problems start as neuro-emotional issues that are STRESS related. After some TIME they manifest as physical problems, often as layers of undecipherable physical problems, a mystery that can't be unraveled by addressing symptoms only.

Now each of our three major stresses in life affect our physical bodies. The three stresses are: TRAUMA (accidents and injuries), TOXICITY (electro-magnetic pollution, environmental, pharmaceutical, and dietary poisons), and THOUGHT (thinking and feeling negatively about life's situations).

These stresses can also create a timing problem, where the body does the right thing but at the wrong time. For example, worrying can trigger digestion when your stomach is empty; an accident can cause a muscle group to lock on and stay on even when you're lying down, causing it to become exhausted and painful.

Memory patterns shape our health

When accidents and negative experiences occur in our lives, the dominant feeling of that incident can get stored subconsciously along with its defensive physiology. Since these PATTERNS are memory-retained, your body will manifest some of the symptoms of that grievance every time you think about it or have that dominant feeling again.

Layers of feelings-activated-physiologies...

Over TIME, these PATTERNS can become very detrimental to our health. 

Often, individuals will have layers of "feelings-activated-physiologies," the accumulation of broken relationships, the loss of a loved one, past abuse/neglect, a career or financial failure, an injury or accident, some huge disappointments, all chronic-stress related.

Most of these issues became issues because they were "consciously" mismanaged; the patient got STUCK, did not forgive, did not remain positive, and did not define the experience as a lesson learned so he could move on.

These are neuro-emotional or spiritual issues, not just physical issues. So the standard physical approach of treating the body's symptoms will probably get dismal results. Why? Because drugs just add another layer of "physical responses" to the layers of already detrimental physiologies; physiologies that are activated each time the patient replays a feeling associated with a harmful memory PATTERN.

If these PATTERNS cause an EMOTIONAL OVERRIDE (a "fight or flight" response in your body from emotional overload), they can disrupt the flow of information through the energy system and nervous system which negatively impacts the functioning of the physical body on every level; the nervous system can lose glandular/hormonal control, the immune system can be inhibited, the body can go into DEFENSE where healing slows or cannot occur; other systems of the body can be compromised, and spinal asymmetry, as well as other physical problems you'll feel in your body may result.



Since we live our lives through our nervous system and the memories we have stored subconsciously, it is actually these MEMORY PATTERNS (memory engrams) that shape our health.

Positive THOUGHTS enhance our health; negative thoughts hinder our health because the patterns they birth, and the EMOTIONS they create, can disrupt accurate communication through the pathways of your body.

So, when we clear the neuro-emotional cause of these MEMORY PATTERNS that are stored in your nervous system (and reflected into your energy field), it frees the healing potential of your body so that you can begin to think, feel, and function the way you should.

BEST is not an "instant" repair although we get some instant benefits...
Be mindful that healing is a PROCESS... Your nervous system needs to be retrained to function properly, much like an orthodontist who slowly trains your teeth to be in the right location. Updating harmful memory patterns is much like peeling off layers of an onion to get to the core, so it's going to take some TIME, and the length of time depends on what is wrong, how long you've had the condition, and on the CHOICES you make in the area of the
SIX ESSENTIALS every day (what you EAT, what you DRINK, how you EXERCISE and REST, how and what you BREATHE, and what you THINK). Usually you'll feel some profound relief after a single BEST treatment.

After the initial treatment, we must look at correcting the underlying CAUSE to restore balance to your body so the condition will not return.


Some patients can find permanent relief after three or four visits. Some sports injuries can take weeks to correct. Other problems require weeks to months, especially if the patient is suffering from severe dietary distress or distress from more than one source.

However long it takes to correct the problem, all of the causes must be discovered and corrected, and then you must make wholesome CHOICES in the area of the SIX ESSENTIALS so you don't re-establish the former pattern.

Mind-body training and education...
During the treatment, I mentor the patient in the areas he is stuck so he learns how to respond properly to life's hardships.